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A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Five male goats on a sofa in Andalucia, Spain.

Limited Edition of 30/ Click here to see the B/W version on

I have received some wonderful comments and emails about these gentlemen— thank you everyone!

Many of you have asked if I set up this shot. The answer is yes, I did set this up— at least to a certain extent. These are my goats and they make me laugh all the time, so I planned to shoot a humorous one of all the boys together on a sofa before it's too late. The little ones are growing like weeds, and when they get older they will never tolerate each other like they do now.

The initial task was finding a perfectly horrible sofa, and one eventually appeared at our local dump. I knew they would love the sofa, but I never could have predicted what they would do on it. Goats are not the easiest models to work with nor are they really open to direction from the photographer, so all I could do was sit back and click as they bounced around at warp speed—except the big one on the left. He was super comfortable and much to my amazement he fell asleep in the corner while the little ones jumped around. They all seem very sweet and calm in this photo, but in reality it was quite a chaotic shoot!