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Wild LarkspurPot of GoldBlushRelease MeIncidental TouristRevivalStrawflower at DuskEvergreen Rose At DuskLeaf RipplesFrench Lavender BudWhite RoseWater Lily In The RainDappled Light ConeflowersCorn Poppy BudStarflower PincushionSunflower In FieldRed Leaf In IceBlack Stones In Water

Guestbook for Flowers Outdoors
Renee Houpt(non-registered)
Mandy..these are great pictures. Can't wait to see what you can do at the animal shelter. I know you will capture the animal's spirit and make a difference in their lives.
Stefano Heusch Photography
Very fine art photography !!
Compliments !!
I agree, may i ask how do you [photographer] find such angelic scenes? The water lily in the rain is just wonderful. The Leaf ripples one I just love.
Anna xx
Kelly Shallo(non-registered)
It's wonderful to see such great detail in each of these images
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